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Project Timeline

A. Literature Review: A comprehensive literature analysis will be carried out covering relevant international and local literature.

B. Preparing Semi-Structured Questionnaire: Based on themes identified through the literature review a semi-structured questionnaire is produced to guide the data collection process.

C. Conducting Interviews (Phase I): 25-30 interviews will be carried out in the first phase. Physical interviews will be prioritized and depending on the convenience of the participant, online interviews arranged. Subjected to ethical clearance guidelines, interviews will be voice recorded with the participant’s consent.

D. Transcribing Interviews (Phase I) : Interview recordings will be transcribed using the NVivo software for those carried out in English, and manually for those done in Sinhala. All transcripts will be manually rechecked to ensure consistency with the recordings.

E. Data Analysis-Coding (Phase I): NVivo software will be used to assist in coding and analyzing interview transcripts.

F. Writing up Interim Results: Based on the analysis of the first phase interim findings will be produced

G. Presenting Interim Results:

H. Conducting Interviews (Phase II): Follow as in phase 1 (C)

I. Transcribing Interviews (Phase II) : Follow as in phase 1 (D)

J. Data Analysis-Coding (Phase II): Follow as in phase 1 (E)

K. Overall Data Analysis: Interview data from the data collection in both phases will be analyzed as a whole; using NVivo and researcher judgment.

L. Review and Refine Findings: Findings will be self-reviewed to ensure that the analysis reflects the true essence of the data collected.

M. Comparing against extant literature: Findings will be compared against available literature on the subject to identify consistencies and inconsistencies and thereby interpret any new knowledge found.

N. Writing Article, Report and Publication